GPS tracker for motor from

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Is your car or motor bike your pride and joy? Then the best way to keep it safe is to keep a tracker in your vehicle. 

Professional car thieves are so sophisticated these days that there is very little that you can do to stop them from stealing your car or bike once they have decided to do so. With the aid of our tracker however you can quickly direct the police to where the vehicle is.

By leaving the fob hidden in the car or under the pillion in the bike you can safeguard your possession. The unit will go into sleep mode when the vehicle is stationary.

Once the vehicle is moved the unit will detect motion and will immediately come alive and send an alarm message to your mobile phone.

The system will show you on Google Maps on your phone, exactly where your car or bike is travelling and you can inform the police. If you are a frequent traveller and park your car in an airport car park for instance and your car is stolen, you will receive notification on your mobile of the whereabouts of your car, even if you are out of the country. 


  • Motion Alarm
  • Tracking