Our trackers are a user friendly smart designed tracker using the newest GPS technology.

Our tracker is designed for families to stay connected with their loved ones. It provides a simple yet effective voice communication and locating mechanism to enhance and protect their everyday lives. Using GPS for premium location capabilities and GSM network to transmit those positions to a web-based portal to view those locations. Our Mobile Network capability utilizes three different GSM providers for the industry’s best Irish coverage. 

Our unique design provides a one button calling and SOS feature that is pre-programmed with a designated phone number, making it easy for the child to connect with their caregiver immediately. The tracker is also extremely useful for the elderly and special needs customers that require a similar solution.


Kids Trackers

Tracker Jack for kids means that children can lead an active childhood while parents can enjoy the security of knowing that they’re safe. With location updates you will always know where they are. No need to panic or worry, If a dangerous situation happens, they can get in touch with you by just pressing the SOS button.

As a parent, there is no better feeling than knowing your children are safe

Let the kids play and feel completely safe.

Pet Trackers

Never go through the pain of losing your beloved pet again. With Tracker Jack GPS, you can set up a safe zone around your house where you can allow your pet freedom to run around. If your pet goes outside of your designated “safe zone “ then an alarm will be sent straight to your phone to alert you.

Unfortunately, pets are stolen. If this happens, you can track the pet’s whereabouts in real time on Google Maps. 

Elderly Trackers

If you wish to keep an eye on an elderly parent while allowing them their independence, you can set up a safe zone for them.

This would involve an area that you know they normally operate in. If the older person suffers from dementia then you may wish to restrict him or her to the house and garden. If they are reasonably active then the zone may be enlarged. If by chance they travel outside of this “safe” area you will get an alarm on your mobile phone and you can contact the person in question, speak to them using their tracker to check on them.

If the elderly person suffers a fall, a notification will be sent to your phone. The designation of what constitutes a fall needs to be very specific. If the person falls back into a chair for example there may not be enough downward travel to trigger the alarm. If they fall on the floor and are motionless for 10 seconds then the alarm will activate. The SOS button on the front of the device can be activated by the elderly person if they feel there is an emergency. This alarm will go to the programmed number. If it is not answered then the second designated number will be called and then the third. The SOS button must be held down for at least 3 seconds so this cuts out the possibility of false alarms.

Motor Trackers

    Keep your car and any other motor you own safe from theft or even just forgetfulness.

    Simply place your Tracker Jack GPS in your preferred motor and when it has been stationary for a period of time the unit will go into sleep mode. If somebody moves your vehicle the unit will sense the motion and will come alive and send a notice to your mobile phone.

    If, for some reason you do not immediately access the movement information sent to your mobile phone and the thieves manage to remove your vehicle you can use the GPS function embedded in tour tracker to track the position and eventual final location of your vehicle in real time. Our unit is accurate to within 15 metres.