Introducing GPS Tracker from Tracker Jack


Tracker Jack is an international tracking device which allows you to keep track of your children, elderly and pets. We are an Irish based company and we strive to make sure your loved ones are protected at all times.

We offer a range of products to suit everyone. Each tracker is very simple to set up either online or using our APP.

From there you can set up safe zones, designate guardians and keep track in real time, using google maps, allowing you to see where your loved ones are at all times. It can also be used as a phone and has many bonus features.

At €149.99 per unit and €5.99 per month, our GPS trackers are by far the cheapest multi functional tracking units available on the Irish market today.


How do you protect your most precious possessions?

Tracker Jack are proud to present our latest tracking devices.

Each tracker is a small, resilient unit which can be carried everywhere and tracked from anywhere in the world straight to your mobile phone or your computer, and each comes with it’s own special features.

When you purchase your tracking unit from TRACKER JACK you get the benefit of our unique “triple play” sim card. This means that you are not dependant on one mobile service provider for your service but in our case, we provide you with our unique sim card which operates in conjunction with all three major mobile service providers.

This means that when you are in an area where your mobile service is weak the sim card will automatically seek out the strongest mobile signal and switch your service to one of the other providers to ensure that, at all times you have the best chance of staying in touch.


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