The Safety of Today's Generation

Unfortunately, in today's world, our parents never realised how lucky they had it.

They never had to worry about germs or extreme hygiene when it came to us. We played outside, got covered in dirt, ate food that was not considered to be very healthy and we all turned out fine.

But the most important thing about our generation was, for the most part, WE WERE SAFE.

I don’t know if it was just because parents more were unaware of the terrors lurking or if it was just a safer time back then, but unfortunately it is no longer that way.

As a parent I spend every day worrying about the safety of my children. But I have something my parents didn’t have and that is Tracker Jack.

Thanks to Tracker Jack, I can let my son go to the shops and follow him the entire time from the comfort of my own sofa. I can let my youngest play in our front yard and go into the house to clean up, knowing that if he wanders past the front garden my phone will tell me and I can run out to check on him. With Tracker Jack GPS, if something ever did happen to my kids, I know that with a push of the SOS button situated on the front of the tracker, they can let me know they are in trouble and if they cannot speak I can find them in a matter of seconds.

In this world it does not make sense for any child to be without a GPS TRACKER and hopefully you will never have to use it but it's better safe than sorry.