Pobal Pendant Alarms


So the other day i was sitting in a bar and i noticed an advertisement in the paper taken out by pobal. Pobal is an organisation that acts as an intermediary for programmes funded by the EU and the government.Now what they were advertising is funding for a seniors alert scheme relating to pendant alarms otherwise known as Gps trackers for the elderly.

The scheme allows for anyone who is over 65 or perhaps suffering from Alzheimers or dementia to have one of these pendant alarms purchased for them. These pendant alarms are important for several reasons the main being that they give piece of mind to the family knowing that their loved ones are safe.

After looking into the pendant alarms that get purchased for the elderly or people with alzheimers,I found that they come from one company, which is fine the contract was put to tender and this company won the contract.However this tender for pendant alarms wont come up again for another 3 years.This i find puzzling because technology advances almost every year especially with Gps technology.Also the pendant alarms be offered are quite limited in so far as the pendant alarms only work within a 75 meter radius of the home.

Now i understand that maybe i'm a bit biased when it comes to pendant alarms as my company caters towards these pendant alarms although we call them Gps trackers and our gps trackers for seniors and people suffering from alzheimers and dementia work anywhere in the world with no limitations.Our Gps trackers(pendant alarms) come with a fall down alert which sends an alert to your phone when the Gps pendant alarm detects a fall.It also immediately calls your phone so you can be in direct contact with the person.Our Gps pendant also has the ability to set up a geo fence around an area so when the pendant alarm leaves the area an alarm is sent to  your phone.This feature is important for people suffering from alzheimers or dementia as they tend to get disoriented due to there illness and wander off.

So in conclusion i just think that when government funding for something as important as Gps pendant alarms then we should not be forced to only choose one and we should be allowed to search for the cheapest and best quality Gps pendant alarm.