Gift ideas for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

If your like me then you will probably spend days if not weeks trying to come up with the perfect gift for your partner.This can put undue stress on your shoulders walking around all types of shops but finding nothing.Well then i have a couple of perfect gifts for Christmas or birthdays.

If he or she has a car or motorbike that they really love and take care of, then why not get them a Gps car tracker.A car tracker gives them the ability to always know where their car or bike is at any time anywhere in the world.Also by using the Gps car tracker they will also be alerted should their vehicle be stolen and with our unique Gps car tracker app they can alert the Gardai to the exact location.This is a great security feature and will also bring down their insurance.Like i said this is a great present. €149.99

The other gift idea for your girlfriend, boyfriend or just a gift for your dog then why not one of our unique Gps dog trackers. This is the perfect gift for the dog who gets out and tends to go wandering.One of our Gps dog trackers enables the user to set up a geo fence on our dog tracker app so if the dog leaves the designated area then you get an alert to your phone giving you the exact location of your beloved pet. €149.99 with a €8.75 a month subscription that covers texts and data.