I recently read an article which talked about Gps trackers for kids. The article was saying that a report from a group called cybersafe ireland that it is possible for someone to be able to hack into not just the Gps tracker watches but also smartphones and just about any smart technology. In this they also include social media sites that track your location.

This struck me as more scaremongering than any actual warning about the safety of children because tell me what piece of modern technology that cant be hacked. Hell even a cars on board computer can be hacked and the car instructed to do whatever the hacker wants while your driving. Scary right?

Well when it comes to our Gps trackers for kids ours have a panic button which immediatly in contact with you but also sends a text to your phone giving you their location. Of course saying that this makes your child 100% safe would be a lie however our gps trackers would be considered an aid. What i mean is that our gps kids trackers work great but there really is no substitute for good parenting and educating your kids about the dangers of strangers.

One question i do have when it comes to Gps trackers is would you rather have your child without a gps tracker with the panic button or would you rather that they have the tracker and ability to contact you in times of an emergency?

Like i said our gps trackers are an aid that gives you as a parent that piece of mind when your child is away from you.  

The article i am talking about is at takea look and see what i'm talking about.