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Where can I buy the GPS Tracker?

What is a GPS Tracker?

Will the Tracker work anywhere?

Does the Tracker work the same in all locations?

Can anyone track my Tracker?

What happens if there is no 2G or 3G coverage in the area?

How far will the Tracker locate?

Geo-Fence - how does it work?

How many contacts can be added to my device?

What method does the device use to send SOS alerts and make emergency calls?

I am currently using an iPhone. Will it work with my phone?

What type of battery does the Tracker use and how long does it last?

What is the warranty?

What is included in the price?

How does the Tracker for Children work?

What are geo-fences?

How small can I set a Geo fence area?

How big is the Tracker?


Where do you ship?

Track your Tracker Jack order.

How long does shipping take?