Tracker Jack is an international tracking device which allows you to keep track of your children, elderly and pets. We are an Irish based company and we strive to make sure your loved ones are protected at all times.

Our revolutionary GPS Tracker allows you to set up a “SAFE ZONE” around home or school where you are happy to let your child play. Should your child or your elderly relative go outside this designated area you get an immediate notification on your mobile phone.

We offer a range of GPS Tracker products to suit everyone. Each tracker is very simple to set up either online or using our APP.

Our GPS Tracker is also a fully operational mobile phone complete with a large SOS button. The person with the GPS Tracker can call you or a number of other designated carers/guardians if they are in trouble. Likewise the designated guardians can call the GPS Tracker. By using Google maps on your mobile phone you can immediately see where your loved one is at any time.

Only €149.99 per unit and €8.75 per month, our GPS trackers are by far the cheapest multi functional tracking units available on the Irish market today.



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Tracker Jack GPS for Kids

The Tracker Jack GPS device for kids helps you locate your child anytime, anywhere. With the free GPS app for smartphones you can see your child's current location - in real time.

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Tracker Jack GPS Device - Protecting your most precious possessions.

Tracker Jack GPS for Pets

The Tracker Jack GPS device for pets helps you locate your dog, your cat or any other pet - anytime, anywhere. Thanks to Tracker Jack, you never have to go through the pain of losing your furry friend ever again.

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Tracker Jack GPS for Elderly

The Tracker Jack GPS, designed for the older person in your life is a wonderful little device, there to add independence to the people you care about most - and give yourself the peace of mind you deserve.

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Tracker Jack GPS Device - Protecting your most precious possessions.
Tracker Jack GPS Device - Protecting your most precious possessions.

Tracker Jack GPS for Motors

The Tracker Jack GPS device for motors is just the thing you need when your vehicle is your pride and joy. Stay one step ahead of anyone who steals your car, motorbike or farm machinery by tracking it's current location - in real time.

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How Does Tracker Jack Work?

Our Tracker Jack GPS devices are friendly-smart designed and use only the newest GPS technology.

Tracker Jack is designed for families to stay connected with their loved ones. It provides a simple yet effective voice communication and locating mechanism to enhance and protect their everyday lives.

I have two Tracker Jack GPS's. One for my daughter for when she is out with her friends so I can keep an eye on her and the other for my car. It's great in case of theft but also in case I forget where I've parked! Great little gadgets!

Breda - Castleknock, Co. Dublin

Just recently my father has started to forget things and wander off which can be worrying but since using Tracker Jack, I can see where he is all the time and he doesn't feel like he's losing his independence.

Sharon - Sandyford, Co. Dublin

Having extremely active dogs is problematic when they often do a runner on me but since using Tracker Jack for pets, it's reassuring to know they won't get far without me knowing. Great product!

Ian - Mallow, Co. Cork

My mother had a fall some months back. Since using the Tracker Jack GPS, my mind has really been put to rest, knowing that if she needs help or falls again, that my husband and I are alerted through our mobiles immediately.

Karen - Blackrock, Co. Dublin

Quick delivery, no fuss and a great product. Keeps my mind at ease when the kids are out and about. Will definitely be recommending to all my friends and family.

Mark - Gorey, Co. Wexford